At this level, wisdom is a quality that will bring you new capabilities. Thus, if you don’t’ program your life, life will program it for you. If life is holding you back and not give you what you deserve, then this book is perfect for you. Shatter old thoughts that are keeping you hostage and try new inspiring ideas.

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Column II Wisdom

In this chapter, you will access some powerful communication skills. GAME-CHANGING KNOWLEDGE giving in the wisdom (communication) section is worth hundreds of dollars. You have no excuse not to try to learn something new.

EMOTIONAL INFLUENCE: As a matter of fact, researching personal influence can benefit you in taking control of your energy.

Effects, Subconscious, Pulling Psyche,  Appeal, Sharing,  Owning, Shield, Experiencing,  and Hollywood

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: To get back to the point, all great seducers should discover and attain more intimacy through simple romantic communication. 

Differences, Picture Words, Listening, Open-Ended W’s., Starters, Probing, and Implications

VOCAL VIBRATIONS: Hence, discover to use a sexy voice, which will produce anticipation in those you are aspiring to seduce.

Anticipation, Pulsating, Tone, Movie Voices, and Magical Flute

GENUINE IMPRESSIONS: Generate an aura of trust, honor, and respect. Someone who listens well rapidly establishes rapport with others.

Value, Values, Respect, and Tension Loops

COMMUNICATION: I can show you the world, so take charge and frame the connection with great conversational ideas. Relax!

Cues. , Daunting, 70/30 Pledge, Direction, Desires, and Needs, Open-Ended, and Answers

MAGIC WAND: Easy to see that, the magic wand is the most high-powered tool of the wizard or magician. Let your imagination run wild!

Wants and Needs, Milk Shake, Truth or Dare, and Crazy

UNLEASH LIFE: Feel-good emotional language can influence a person’s mind just by using the right words.

Language, Arousal, Notions, Verbalizing, Feelings, and Life-Changing

POETIC LYRICS: Sensations of lust, desire, and magnetic attraction to captivate the impressionable mind.

Stimulation, Tension, Word Stories, Responses, Uncertainty, Pain vs. Pleasure, Neocortex, and Captivating

COMICAL ATTRACTION: Humor and laughter can cause a domino effect of amusement and set off some favorable bodily outcomes.

Limbic Mind,  Activating, Attraction, Humor, and Two Diamonds

STORYTELLING: Discover how to unleash heroes, villains, conflict, and action and speak to emotion.

Visions, Reality, Obstacles, Dialogue, Tension, Visualizing, Phrases, Feeling, Imagination, and Five Senses

TEXTING AND EMAIL: Social media and digital communication is a fantastic and useful way to tempt them.

Texting, and E-mail

Unleashing New Thoughts

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  • Emotional Influence is all over what sparks or fire did you set in others.
  • Communication is required but not necessarily what is said. 
  • Vocal Vibrations is where you learn to pulsate to their soul.
  • Genuine Impressions are lasting thoughts imbued in their spirit.
  • Communication Skills that will inspire you and work.
  • Magic Wand is all about fun questions and answers.
  • Unleash Life release the talent on what is going on in mind
  • .Poetic Lyrics is a type of poetry that conveys sensations or feelings.
  • Comical Attraction shatters the walls around the castle.
  • Storytelling gives you a chance to move their emotions.
  • Texting and Email will give new thoughts.