VII Columns

Once upon a time in a far off land, there existed a secret society of seduction. Their skills acknowledged community members at this art, and only the foremost citizens earned the privilege to be trained in the ancients’ learning place. Your apprenticeship will comprise of VII Columns.

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VII Columns Curriculum

Column I – Theory: Desires, Crystal Phial, Gold-Capped Arrows, Suspense Secrets, Brain Theory, Astrology and Stars, Intertwined Quest, Body Language, Fashion, Hygiene, Trilogy of C’s, Our Mind, and Essence of Action.

Column II – Wisdom: Emotional Influence, Communication, Vocal Vibrations, Genuine Impressions, Communication Skills, Magic Wand, Unleash Life, Poetic Lyrics, Comical Attraction, Storytelling, and Texting and Email.

Column III – Traditions: Gift Giving, Flower Giving, Candles, Music, Connection, YouTube Virtual, History Building, Seclusion, Table Setting, and Table Centerpieces.

Column IV – Adventure: Chocolate Elixir, Aphrodisiacs, Secret Fantasies, Playful Resistance, Food Arousal, Body Painting Recipes, and Food Wizardry.

Column V – Imagination: Edible Flowers, Herbs and Spices, Plated Food, Food Shapes and Shades, Garnish and Presentation, Chore Artistry, Dressing and Sauce Recipes, and Food Nutrition.

Column VI – Beverages: Bubbly Recipes, Martini Recipes, Cocktail Recipes, Tea Drink Recipes, and Coffee Recipes.

Column VII – Recipes: Sharing Adventure, Tableside Flambé Recipes, Seven Sins Canapé Recipe, Appetizer Recipes, Salad and Sorbet Recipes, Side Dish Recipes, Vegetable Side Dish Recipes, Potato Side Dish Recipes, Rice Side Dish Recipes, Risotto Side Dish Recipes, Pasta and Vegan Recipes, Chicken and Poultry Recipes, Veal, Lamb, and Meat Recipes, Seafood and Fish Recipes, Lobster Recipes, Dessert Sauce Recipes, and Dessert Recipes.

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