Indeed, today my friend, you will be gifted a powerful learning journal as part of the Mystery & Romance Cookbook. Thus, the universe so loved your soul that it bestowed upon you this revised journal with its wisdom. With this intention, learning seductive recipes, cultural rituals, personal philosophies, and great wisdom of the “Columns of Paideia.” will be a mystery to you no longer.

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Conversely, mystery and romance cooking knowledge passed down through generations of chefs, wizards, and white witches. As a matter of fact, the academic JOURNAL cookbook part will encompass “Columns I, II, III, and IV” in the Mystery & Romance Journal – Cookbook.

Column I – Theory: With this in mind, Journal skills revealed about Desires, Crystal Phial, Gold-Capped Arrows, Suspense Secrets, Brain Theory, Astrology and Stars, Intertwined Quest, Body Language, Fashion, Hygiene, Trilogy of C’s, Our Mind, and Essence of Action.

Column II – Wisdom: As a matter of fact, Emotional Influence, Communication Skills, Vocal Vibrations, Genuine Impressions, Communication Skills, Magic Wand, Unleash Life, Poetic Lyrics, Comical Attraction, Storytelling, and Texting and Email.

Column III – Traditions: By the way, Gift Giving, Flower Giving, Candles, Music, Connection, YouTube Virtual, History Building, Seclusion, Table Setting, and Table Centerpieces.

Column IV – Adventure: Finally, Chocolate Elixir, Aphrodisiacs, Secret Fantasies, Playful Resistance, Food Arousal, Body Painting Recipes, and Food Wizardry.

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