In fact, adventure is about getting a little kukumana with play and food. Therefore, tap into there fantasies with playful resistance; In short, awaken body painting and food foreplay using your sensual imagination and sexy food ideas.

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Column IV Adventure

Life is short, so jump off the cliff and start your new ADVENTURES. Thus, get a little crazy and start splashing food in your foreplay, and your relationships will never be the same. Nibbling on food will never taste the same. ORDER NOW Only $16.95

CHOCOLATE ELIXIR: Understanding the love chemical and its connection with mystery, courtship, and romance.

Scent, Texture, and Flavor, Characteristics, Tempering, Rose Petals, Strawberry Platter, mini Fountain, Fruit Temptations, Fondue, Combinations, Fondue, Skewer Vase, and Savory

APHRODISIACS: Thus, the most potent aphrodisiac in the world, is your mind, but food has some great exotic selections.

Sensuality, Boost Endorphins, Natural, and Fantasies

SECRET FANTASIES: In short, unleash the spirit of your fantasies by reading, studying, and putting into action the advice in this chapter.

Dress Sexy, Unleash, Shared, and Kitchen Play

PLAYFUL RESISTANCE: Actually, entice them to experience new feelings they never expected or imagined.

Ecstasy, Anticipation, Destination, Sweet Spots, and Strip Teasing 

FOOD AROUSAL: In fact, grasp how to tempt a lover’s (six) senses and feel the effects of playing with food in creating sensual arousal.

Describe, Blindfolded, Taste, Smell, Touching, Spine-Tingling, Experimental, Not Me, But You, and Exploration

BODY PAINTING RECIPES:  In fact, breakthrough, let your sensual creativity emerge by writing sexy messages with tasty sauces.

Silk Veil, Ruby Red Raspberry, French Vanilla Crea, Whipped Crème, Chocolate Syrup, Safe Cocoon, Photography, Tools, and Codes

FOOD WIZARDRY: Consequently, remember that you are the source of creating fun and simple food pleasures.

Playing, Food Play Dough, Clay Food Art, Illicit, and Push and Pull

Letting Loose Novel Adventure Abilities

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