Chef Lynch was told of a legendary myth that captured his attention and imagination during the early twentieth century. Therefore, he set forth on an adventure to learn about the Mystery & Romance Journal. However, after many years of false hope and wild but useless chases, his search leads to the Isle of Avalon. As a result, he stumbled upon a hidden passage.

To tell the truth, Chef Lynch approached it reverently, whispering to himself, “Could this be the hidden place for the long lost ancient ‘Mystery & Romance Journal’ that has been concealed from humanity for thousands of years?” Slowly picking up the journal, he turned it over in his manly hands and dusted it off. The engraved words on the cover confirmed that it was indeed the lost Mystery & Romance Journal.

So, with the Mystery & Romance Journal finally found from the Columns of Paideia (paideia meaning “education” or “instruction”), Chef Lynch is now ready to share with the world the Mystery & Romance Journal – Cookbook.

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Accordingly, the JOURNAL SECTION comprises of four Columns, I Theory, II Wisdom, III Traditions, and IV Adventure. As a result (of this), you reprogram your thoughts into how you walk, talk, and interact with others.

Therefore, the COOKBOOK SECTION consists of three Columns, V Imagination, VI Beverages, and VII Recipes. Consequently, inspire their imagination, so you look at food as sexy, tempting, and seductive. 

The skills taught in this book are the only ones you will need to master to have legendary, epic relationships. The same emotions have elicited the same reactions since the dawn of time.

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